We are a stealth startup
helping mothers and babies.

The founders and partners at Life2 would like to share a core set of values that drive our strategy.

Healthcare for All

We believe that healthcare is a human right, not a benefit.

Candor and Transparency

We accept and give honest and respectful feedback in service of personal and professional development.

Meritocracy of Ideas

Everyone at Life2 has a voice, and decisions are made from objective criteria.

Focused on Outcomes

It's not a matter of how much you do, rather it's the amount impact that results in what you do that matters.


We persevere through obstacles and setbacks, creating value takes time and effort.


No one person can do it all. We value team players and support each other.


We set clear roles and goals. We take responsibility for our mistakes, correct them, and move forward. We don't blame others.


We strive for excellence, personal development, and support each other to do so.


We believe in giving back. 1% of our resources and/or profits will go to charitable causes.


Life is too short not to have fun along the way of our journey.